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FDM Distromix Video (laboratory and pilot-scale batch mixers)

  • Distromix DB25E mixer preparing a hydrocolloid dispersion in water.
    The objective is to disperse the solid rapidly to avoid agglomeration. Once dispersed, the particles can hydrate quickly and evenly without forming lumps.

    (.wmv hi res: 1.8M) (.wmv lo res 1.1M)
  • Distromix DB100 standard unit with open shaft in 200 litres of water.

    (.mpg file: 612k)
  • Distromix DB100F High Flow unit with open shaft in 200 litres of water. 10kg of flour is added to demonstrate rapid powder dispersion. Note how the High Flow impeller increases agitation compared with the example above, but also increases aeration.

    (.mpg file: 7.4M) (.wmv hi res: 3.6M) (.wmv lo res 720k)
  • Distromix DB100 with double-sealed closed shaft in 80 litres of water. A customised High Flow head has been fitted to generate more than 10 times the flow of the standard machine.

    (.mpg file: 628k)
  • Distromix DB100 mixing a slurry of 3200cP guar gum in 8 litres of water. 500g of guar powder is added to the water slowly to ensure that lumps or "fisheyes" are developed. The video shows how these lumps are rapidly processed away to leave a smooth hydrated paste ready for dilution.

    (.mpg file: 724k)

  • Distromix DB100 mixing a 6% (by weight) slurry of sodium alginate powder and water similar to the guar gum above. The difference here is that all of the powder is added at once. The first clip shows the powder addition and the second clip is taken 20 seconds later as the alginate completes its hydration. No lumps or dry material remain in the vessel.

    (.mpg file: 617k - powder addition) (.mpg file: 458k - complete hydration)