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Fluid Division Mixing (FDM)

FDM is a rotor-stator mixing technology that can be used in two distinct modes to achieve different mixing effects, depending on the type of material being mixed and the speed of the mixer.

High Shear Mode

Low Shear Mode

  • Mixer run at high speeds (3000rpm+)
  • Low-medium viscosities (<100000cP)
  • Batch or inline operation possible
  • Delivery pump required for >30000cP
    (for inline applications)
  • Mixer run at low speeds (<500rpm)
  • Medium-high viscosities (>50000cP)
  • Inline operation only
  • Delivery pump always required
    (an extruder can act as the pump)
Mixing Principle:
turbulent hydraulic shear
Mixing Principle:
inter-cavity transfer
Used for:
  • Rapidly dispersing powder in liquids
  • De-agglomerating solids in liquids
  • Wet milling
  • Emulsification
  • General high shear mixing duties
Used for:
  • Gentle blending of shear-sensitive fluids
  • Blending of multiple input streams
  • Post-mixing of plastic melts
  • Post-extruder conditioning of rubbers
  • Replacing static mixers at high viscosity
Example Applications:
  • Dispersing food gums in water
  • De-agglomerating solids in liquids
  • Reducing particle size in bentonite slurry
  • Wet milling of paint pigments
  • Printer ink presscake dispersions
  • Pre-mixing solutions for IPM machines
Example Applications:
  • Blending colours into cellulose acetate
  • Improving post-extrusion thermal
  • homogeneity in rubber materials
  • Adding colours to plastic meltstreams
  • Blending of dissimilar rubbers
  • Blending foaming agents into rubber
  • Eliminating post-extrusion "nerve" in rubber materials